Elementary English

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Challenge Number 1

This week I have an anagram puzzle for you. OK, let's go..oops...wait...what is an "anagram?" An anagram is a group of letters that can be re-arranged to create one or more words. A word can also be an anagram for another word. For example, the word art is an anagram for the word tar.

In this week's puzzle there are three sentences. In each sentence there are two blank spaces. Think of the correct word for the 1st blank space and that word will be an anagram for the 2nd word. Still confused? OK, here's an example:

We had to drive for more than a ___(4)___ to find a restaurant that served ___(4)___ with som tam.

So, what's the answer? If you guessed mile and lime then you are correct! Notice that the number in brackets indicates the number of letters in the words.

Here are three sentences with 2 blank spaces. Remember, the correct answer for the 1st blank is always an anagram for the 2nd one.

1. I love fruits, especially ___(6)___ and sour ___(6)___!

2. Her face became ___(4)___ when she thought that he was going to ___(4)___ from the balcony.

3. He did not ___(6)___ vision in his right eye after the damage to his ___(6)___.

Click on comments below and type in your answers. Make sure to include your name.

Good luck! Numbers 1 and 2 are easy but you might have some trouble with number 3. You can see the answers here next week as well as a new challenge.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Tip of the Week

There are 2 simple tips for you this week.

1. Never, ever, ever use the word "to" in front of a word ending with "ing" (ok, there are a few rare exceptions but don't worry about them right now.)

2. Find something that you can do for fun using English so it is not just hard work and boring. For example, make a page like this where you can write short stories, poems or jokes in English. Or try listening to "audio books." Audio books are books that have been recorded onto tape or CD. You can listen to them in your car or at home.


Use a dictionary to find any new words used here that you don't undertsand.